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Our History

Milano, 8 February 1979. The birth of a new idea.

On 8 February 1979, a new idea was born among the old buildings of Corso Garibaldi in Milan: enhancing the Panino, creating a place for people sharing the same passion:the Italian Panino and its art, from the selection of raw materials to the smart combination of its ingredients. Over the years this idea has grown, bringing the Italian Art of the Panino everywhere in the world.


1979 / 2009 Product

Panino Giusto transforms the sandwich into a value product and a new .way of eating outside the home. The company becomes known for its high-quality and gourmet ingredients.

2010 / 2018 Experience

Panino Giusto transforms its range from product to experience, emphasising the typically Italian aspects.Exports the Italian art of the panino to 5 countries.

40°... Responsability

Panino Giusto integrates its sustainability with that of the system in which it lives and operates. It combines the B-Corp/social benefits project so that all its choices and future actions aim for the highest degree of common good achievable.