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We want to be a B-Corp

On February 8, 2019, the day of our fortieth anniversary, we announced our new vision: "Adding value to the world through a Panino". And by the end of this year we will be a certified B-Corporation, in order to make a measurable social and environmental impact, as we too want to do our part. We want to be a solid and supportive enterprise that works not only for economic benefits but also for the common good. This is the way we do business; this is our vision.

What are Benefit Corporations?

Benefit Corporations are companies that evolve in nature to contribute to the creation of a new business culture, a new economic and social model. Not just looking to make a profit, but also believing that it is essential to act responsibly and transparently and with a commitment to improving people's lives and protecting the environment.

There are currently more than 2,300 Benefit Corporations worldwide, present in more than 50 countries operating in 130 different sectors: we will be the first Italian B-Corp in the field of catering.

How do you become a B-Corp?

In order to obtain the certification, it is necessary to satisfy some fundamental requirements concerning company functions in the field of:

  • Governance: sound, transparent and competent management
  • People: respect and value employees, their rights, skills and aspirations
  • Community: the ability to have a virtuous impact on the community
  • Environment: act in a sustainable manner for the environment, for animals and for people

Each certified company is reassessed every 3 years.