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La Fabbrica dei Sogni

The Dream Factory is an educational programme for the young talent at Panino Giusto who have stood out through their enthusiasm, commitment and ambition. Our objective is to encourage learning and growth and to focus on personal and professional development plans, enabling involvement in effective career growth.

Over the years, the Dream Factory has been shaped to support the growth of people more effectively and to offer participants ever-new ideas in line with their ambitions.

We have reached the sixth edition and so far 120 young people have been involved, 15 of whom have achieved their dream.


The Learning Workshops for the young people of the Dream Factory are driven by the aim of:

  • Encouraging a desire to learn and grow
  • Motivating individual sense-making in relation to their work and to the contribution to achieving the goals set
  • Defining an individual dream/project which, on the basis of a better self-awareness and curious and interested exploration of the organizational environment, contributes to expanding the spectrum of possibilities of their role in Panino Giusto and to bring into play the necessary individual resources to achieve this.
  • Stimulating a passion for "doing well", and total engagement in serving customers, working on team spirit as a tool for the success of the venue.
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging to the company, and encouraging a proactive attitude towards ideas and plans supporting the growth of Panino Giusto.