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Since we were born we have always tried to find the finest quality of raw materials, carefully selected by local artisans.
We did it 40 years ago, and we still do it now!

This is why we are certified to ISO 9001. Find out more information here More

Prosciutto di Parma DOP

The Prosciutto di Parma DOP comes from Parma, the place of origin of all the finest Italian prosciutto. It is seasoned with sea salt for 26 months: the perfect time to reach a perfect balance. The sweetness of this ham is a magical blend of inimitable ingredients found in the area, as the sea breeze from the Tirreno and the woodland scents from the nearby Apennine mountains.


Creating a bread like ours has taken time, passion and experience. That’s why we chose to work with our bakery, one of the oldest artisanal producers in Milan. Together we made the first original Panino Giusto recipe, using two kinds of organic flour, natural yeast and a low salt content. Our clients were very happy with the result, which is why we have continued to create new variants like the burnt wheat one and the rye one.

Extravirgin Olive Oil

We have selected one of the best Sicilian oils, that of Frantoio Cutrera: its centuries-old olive groves give the oil an intense aroma and a unique taste, with classic notes of green tomato and Mediterranean herbs.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Our Parmigiano Reggiano is produced in a family-run farm on the hills of Parma. The milk comes from cows of the precious Bruna Alpina breed that are raised in a wild environment. This typical Italian breed is distinguished by the low yield of milk, very concentrated and consequently rich in nutritional and aromatic properties. Our Parmigiano Reggiano is seasoned for at least 30 months to appreciate the freshness and at the same time the aromas that only time can give.


Our wine comes from a place called the “vineyard of the sky”. It is a small, long-established vineyard on the border between Lombardy and Piedmont. Their wines, who have followed us around the world, are made exclusively using certified organic techniques. The company, run by a woman, grows and vinifies their own grapes respecting the oldest rural tradition, enriching the products with tastes and flavours of peculiarities of the artisan tradition. Property vineyards are grown "always" according to the rules of organic viticulture, to protect the environment and to safeguard human health.