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Sustainability is a key-concern for us.

The choices we make every day determine and condition the environment in which we live in. We are aware of this issue, hence, for years, we have worked in a precise direction involving environmental, ecological and social accountability. Biodegradable packaging, renewable energy and extension of the organic product range are just few examples of our commitment towards a sustainable future.


Our concern for quality and sustainability is the leitmotiv of our activities from the selection of raw materials to the preparation of our Panini and our dishes. Thus our raw materials come from producers inspired by excellence and respect for the times of Nature. Family business enterprises focused on handing on their mastery and their awareness on the importance of preserving the environment and the ecosystem from generations to generations.(These choices led us to have bread prepared only with organic flour and sourdough, to choose only 100% organic mortadella , turkeys and chickens grown only in eco-friendly farms, as well as our eggs, lemons and many other products that everyday you taste from us.)

Our philosophy to prepare the Panini at the moment with fresh ingredients allows us to ensure top quality while minimizing the waste of food.

Power and Recycle

We choose 100% green power.

All our restaurants are powered by renewable sources that are inexhaustible and able to regenerate without any negative impact on the environment. In our restaurants even the choice of packaging is important. Hence, we prefer glass to plastic: its ecological impact is smaller.


They are so important because they help us to make our dream come true everyday.

Yearly, twenty among our youngest and promising employees have the chance to participate in the project “La Fabbrica dei Sogni”: a training course allowing them to define and hit their professional target through their skills. Within a fixed time horizon, we help these young people to reach their goal and to reward them once achieved it. Thanks to the attentive quality of our relationship with our employees and with the entire production chain, we achieved theISO 9001 certification, which ensures the ultimate customer satisfaction.