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The perfect summer dessert: peach cheesecake

The perfect summer dessert: peach cheesecake

You don't need to give up on desserts in summertime, you only need to choose the Right one.

Are you craving for desserts, but hot weather makes you desist? Are you looking for the perfect summer dessert for a tasty and cool snack? Panino Giusto has the right answer for you: peach cheesecake, a new but always special dessert version created to sweetly beat the heat.

In love with desserts

It is now a fact that human population can be divided in dessert lovers and savory lovers. Those who love desserts and think that they are the best part of the meal, be it lunch, dinner, afternoon break or breakfast, are never able to give up to their "favorite course": no matter how sated you are or what the menu offers, you'll never give up on desserts, for no reason on earth!

The gluttonous army has a huge number of recruits in its rows, even if in summertime, it gets more complicated having a chocolate soufflé or a crème brulée or even impossible baking a cake.

Is there a solution then, to eat a lot of desserts even in summer?

A cool dessert? Peach cheesecake!

Summer is the most beautiful season: everything surrounding us becomes more vivid, nature blooms in thousand different ways by giving us as a gift fruits of all sorts, so good that are worth the year-long wait.

From May on, our tables are filled up with delicacy like strawberries, cherries, apricots, water melons, peaches, figs and plenty more. Why don't benefit from the summer nature benevolence in order to prepare cool summer desserts for a gluttonous snack without feeling heavy?

There are so many delicious sweets and fruit pastries, from the semifreddo to the millefoglie pastry, from the tart to the tiramisu, that would make any gluttonous go crazy. However, there's one dessert in particular, whose no one is able to give up on: cheesecakes.

Endless debates about the origin of this famous cake: some affirm that it is dated back to the ancient Greece, some to the ancient Rome, others to the Renaissance. Whatever is its history, it is luckily come up to our days, so that we can taste it in all its sorts but always being astonished by its impressive tastiness.

Don't you know that each country has its own cheesecake?

First of all, the cheesecake world is divided into baked-cheesecake and no-bake cheesecake. For example, in countries such as US and Canada the cheesecake is prepared with condensed milk, eggs, yolks, strictly baked; you can also add chocolate, strawberries or berries becoming in this way the well-Known New York cheesecake. In other countries such as England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on the contrary the cheesecake is made of crumble biscuits, butter, cream cheese, whipped cream, sugar and with the possibility to find coffee, chocolate or tea into it, strictly no-bake.

Even at Panino Giusto we have our special cheesecake in honor of summer and all its excellent fruits, peaches in particular.

Summer cheesecake by Panino Giusto

Peach cheesecake by Panino Giusto is a baked one, a dessert prepared with ingredients rigorously selected to gift you an unforgettable snack. We revised an history recipe by our own way, as previously said, taking benefit of high quality and season feedstock in order to give our particular interpretation of a cornerstone of the worldwide pastry-making: from the greek voghurt which is bitterer than the traditional one, to the whole-wheat base, which is low-cal and lighter than the traditional biscuits used for its preparation; from peaches, that are juicy and tasty such as every summer fruit, to almonds, important to balance its taste, to the Mediterranean flavors, several citrus fruits that scent our cake in order to make you dream of already being on holiday with only a cheesecake bite.

Unfortunately, we can't reveal our cheesecake's secret recipe, our chefs are jealous of their preparations.

Anyway, we can say that together with the Greek yoghurt, the whole-wheat biscuits, peaches and Mediterranean citrus fruits, Panino Giusto adds its competence in the field of goodness, love for you and all your little moments of break from the city, job and chaos, and last but not least, values we bring all over the world since 1979. Those values are sustainability and accurate feedstock research that come exclusively from small family businesses which are always careful about quality, because it may be by creating sandwiches or summer desserts, but for Panino Giusto it's fundamental to make you happy and offer you a moment of rare tastiness during the day.